'Pawn Stars': Gold and silver revolver worth small fortune

'Pawn Stars:' Gold And Silver Revolver Brings In Big Bucks

On "Pawn Stars," people often bring in items that have been in the closet, cupboard, or basement for years. But the owner of a gold and silver covered revolver got his item through ... "a friend."

He elaborated: "Well, a lady friend of mine got it in a divorce."

Joking aside, the 7 ½ inch, early 1890s revolver was noteworthy for it's size and quality, as well as the fine detail on its engravings.

Gold and silver revolver on pawn stars
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'Pawn Stars': Gold and silver revolver worth small fortune

After calling in store owner Rick Harrison's gun expert to examine the pistol, they determined it had some minor refinishings as well as newer grips. If the gun had been completely original, it could have been sold for more than $40,000.

But with the alterations, they determined it was worth between $8,000 and $12,000. Rick wasn't the only one who thought the gun was nice find. On Twitter, fans wrote about how "cool looking" it was and how much they wanted it.

As for the man, he ended up selling the gun to Rick for $6,000. He was happy with the sale, and he said he thought that "lady friend" would be too.

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