Mistake on 1-800-Flowers card implies late grandma had diarrhea

Mistake on 1-800-Flowers Card Implies Dead Grandma Had Diarrhea
Mistake on 1-800-Flowers Card Implies Dead Grandma Had Diarrhea

A gift to honor the dearly departed turns into more of an insult.

A flower bouquet for a funeral is pretty typical, as is a card with a nice note to say who the flowers are from. What happens when the card doesn't say exactly what you wanted, though?

A man who was unable to attend his grandmother's funeral sent an arrangement from 1-800-Flowers. He called the customer service representative and dictated the lighthearted message he had chosen to pay tribute to his grandmother -- but what was sent did not exactly express his sentiments.

Mourners at the funeral saw this: "FAR WELL GRANDMY YOU HAD A GOOD RUNS."

Good runs? Are we implying Grandma had diarrhea?

Of course, what he meant to say was this: "Farewell Grammy. You've had a good run."

1-800-Flowers issued a full refund when workers were advised of the error -- but the man may want to study the "recommended" sympathy expressions.

Maybe this gaffe made someone crack a smile during a difficult time.

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