Boy embarks on bucket list of sights before going blind

Young Boy Has Sights To See Before Going Blind
Young Boy Has Sights To See Before Going Blind

What's remaining on his bucket list:

What would you want to see if you knew you were going blind? A 9-year-old Texas boy is losing his sight, and he and his parents are on a mission to see some pretty amazing things before he does.

When Ben Pierce was born four months premature, doctors had doubts that he would survive. He won that battle, but Ben developed retinopathy of prematurity, and every day his world gets darker and darker.

He and his family decided to embark on a bucket list of visual memories for Ben. His family posted his wish list online and have since started making their way through, sight by sight.

The Pierce's have six children, which makes budgeting excursions pretty difficult, so his brothers and sisters started selling homemade truffles and bread to neighbors. People all over the country have been asking to help.

Ben recently checked seeing an aurora borealis off his list when he and his family flew to Alaska courtesy Alaska Airlines. The Dallas Museum of Art arranged to give the Pierces a free trip to see one of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings so Ben could check that sight off too.

The Pierces don't know exactly how much time they have left before Ben goes completely blind, but they are determined to make every day a sight to see.