US Ebola patient's family under quarantine as he faces criminal charges in Liberia



Texas officials announced they have placed the family of the man diagnosed in Dallas with Ebola under quarantine just as the Liberian government said he will face criminal charges.

Officials hand-delivered the order to Thomas Duncan's relatives Wednesday night after they reportedly violated an official request to not leave home, WFAA reported. The Liberian citizen reportedly lied on his health form to gain entry to the U.S.

Duncan's family is now under a strict quarantine until October 19. They are legally prohibited from leaving their Dallas home for any reason.

"We have tried and true protocols to protect the public and stop the spread of this disease," Dr. David Lakey, Texas health commissioner, said in a statement posted to Facebook. "This order gives us the ability to monitor the situation in the most meticulous way."

Duncan lying on his health form has prompted Liberian officials to announce they will file criminal charges against him for carrying the deadly virus through Europe and two U.S. cities, the Associated Press reported.

The exposed family members have not yet shown symptoms, but officials announced Wednesday plans to keep them under observation for 21 days. Included in the quarantine are five schoolchildren.

The order covers Ebola's incubation period. Individuals infected with the deadly virus often do not show symptoms for several days.

Those relatives are also required by law to provide blood samples for testing as requested by health officials and also to immediately report symptoms.

Officials also announced Thursday morning they believe as many as 100 people were exposed to Ebola by Duncan since his arrival in the U.S.

Infected people are not contagious until symptoms are visible. Those symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever and headache.

Individuals under quarantine face criminal charges and even jail time if the order is violated.

Duncan remains in critical condition at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

He is the first known-diagnosed case of Ebola in the U.S. and anywhere outside of Africa.

Officials Monitor Contacts of Ebola Patient in Texas
Officials Monitor Contacts of Ebola Patient in Texas

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