The 2014 All-Disappointment team

The 2014 All-Disappointment team

The Outside Corner

While looking forward to the 2014 MLB postseason, the beginning of the playoffs also presents an opportunity to look back at the regular season that was. This one really seemed to whiz by quickly, as bigger storylines dominated the headlines and national narrative, rolling over the smaller developments that we often take time to examine and appreciate.

That period of reflection includes highlighting those players that had disappointing seasons, failing to meet expectations set forth during the winter and spring. As the regular season came to a close, baseball largely focused on the teams that experienced September collapses, such as the A's, Braves and Brewers. But there were plenty of individual collapses as well, some of which pulled their respective teams down with them. Yet others may have struggled while their clubs excelled.

Attempting to be fair by taking injuries into consideration (in addition to whether or not much was expected from these players before the season), here is the 2014 All-Disappointment Team, position-by-position.

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