Puppy found covered in tar

Rescuers Save Puppy Solidified In Tar
Rescuers Save Puppy Solidified In Tar

An unfortunate street puppy in India is fortunate to be alive.

A five-month-old puppy was completely covered in hot tar and rocks after he fell into a pool of tar. He was discovered solid as a rock, stuck to the ground.

Animal Aid Unlimited in India, a rescue center for ill and injured street animals, spent several hours over the course of five days repeatedly massaging vegetable oil into his fur and bathing him. On day five he was completely free of the tar.

Besides an upset stomach from ingesting some of the tar, the puppy was completely fine and has since been neutered and vaccinated.

The rescue group states on their website,"... our emergency rescue team responds to calls on our help-line reporting sick or wounded animals in need of help throughout the day, every day. Animal Aid is the life-line for thousands of animals who otherwise wouldn't stand a chance."

To see more of the work done by Animal Aid Unlimited, you can visit their website at AnimalAid Unlimited.com

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