Man sleeps in car for 3 days protecting 'remarkable' treasure

Man Sleeps In Car For 3 Days Protecting Remarkable Treasure
Man Sleeps In Car For 3 Days Protecting Remarkable Treasure

A British man decided to sleep in his car for three days ... and we don't blame him.

Laurence Egerton discovered 22,000 Roman coins from the 4th century in a field.

They were reportedly buried 2,000 years ago -- and when Egerton's metal detector signaled something was under the ground, he began digging.

He says that the coins just kept coming and coming. After collecting all he could find, he contacted authorities and archaeologists for an official excavation of the area. He slept in his car for three nights when they all went home.

He told The Telegraph, "Every night the archaeologists packed up and left, and I couldn't go home and sleep thinking there was something of such significance sitting there in a hole in the ground in a field in the middle of nowhere. It was November and it was very cold. I had three or four fleeces on and a quilt. And I'm 6'3" so I'm not really built for sleeping in cars."

The coins are now on display at the British museum, which called his find "remarkable."

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