Man blogs about his 49-day Olive Garden diet

Man Blogs About His 49-Day Olive Garden Only Diet

One guy is going to the end of the never-ending pasta bowl or bust...possibly both.

Vino is one of the lucky people to snag a Pasta Pass from Olive Garden, and he promises to use the heck out of this thing.

In his blog, All of Garden: One man's quest to eat all the pasta, Vino promises to eat all of his meals at Olive Garden for the 49 days his pass allows. Along the way, trying every possible combination of sauces and pasta and giving the combos new names. Although I don't know how Olive Garden is going to feel about him calling this Shrimp Fritta dish, Tasticles.

He's also doling out advice based on what he's learning from the experience and sharing it on his blog, saying, "don't ever eat salad. Ever. It's just a huge waste of space. It's a lot of ruffage. it's a lot of fiber. You don't need that clogging you up."

I guess no one ever explained to Vino how ruffage works and why he's going to need it. Let me just say, eat that salad,Vino...unless you want to carry all 49 days worth of pasta with you until the very end of your experiment.

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