Dog is running for mayor of Oakland, California

Dog Running For Mayor Of Oakland, Calif.
Dog Running For Mayor Of Oakland, Calif.

Soon, the citizens of Oakland, California, will be electing a mayor. But not all the potential candidates are human. We wanted to introduce you to one of those candidates. Meet Einstein. He's a dog.

The Occupy Oakland movement announced Monday on its website that Einstein was running. It argued people shouldn't be asking whether it's OK for a dog to run, but rather, "Can any individual be accountable for running the City?"

Einstein even has his own website, which reads: "I like to run. A lot! I mean A LOT! So make no mistake, i can make it all the way to the finish line."

And make no mistake, it seems like Einstein is pretty serious about running. He even has a platform, which includes concerns about police brutality, the creation of a publicly owned bank, and income inequality.

Now, rumors about Einstein running have been buzzing for months. Which means the media has had plenty of time to come up with some puns.

We have to say our favorite was from KPIX, which wrote, "Einstein has thrown his collar in the ring, his leash in the pong, and his ID chip in the circular file."

But, of course, Einstein can't actually win because animals aren't allowed to hold public office in Oakland. But strangely, that's not true for other parts of the country.

A black Labrador named Lucy Lou actually won the mayoral seat of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, in 2008. She still holds that seat today.

And it's not just dogs. A goat called Clay Henry III used to be the mayor of Lajitas, Texas. According to Roadside America, the goat was best known for drinking beer.

As for Einstein, we can't help but wonder how many votes he'd get if he were allowed on the ballot.

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