Dallas press conference erupts as officials stumble over Ebola quarantine questions



Texas officials announced that contractors are being brought in to scour the Dallas apartment where the man diagnosed with Ebola was staying.

Authorities confirmed they have contracted a cleaning company previously used for HIV/AIDS and other blood-borne illness cleanups but were at a loss to explain why the family was being quarantined in a crowded apartment complex.

"We have some hygiene issues we are addressing in that apartment," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

Dallas County authorities hand-delivered several days worth of food to the northeast Dallas apartment at the same time they appeared with a quarantine order.

They took no precautions to protect themselves from infection because they felt there was no risk of infection.

'The only person who has shown symptoms is Mr. Duncan," Jenkins said.

Bed sheets and Duncan's possessions were taken away to "be disposed of properly," said Jenkins.

Police have also been "embedded" within the apartment complex where Duncan's relatives live, according to Jenkins, who pleaded with reporters to back away from the situation.

"We need everybody to be professional... we have chaos out there... reporters paying people to move into their apartments," said Jenkins.

When asked why Duncan's relatives were not isolated in a hospital, Jenkins deflected the question to a reply about personal liberties while reporters began to shout at him.

A subsequent question about the cleaning company was met with an exasperated look.

"You're asking about the cleaning company?' Jenkins asked.

An attempt to wrap the press conference up was met with even more vitriol.

"Seriously? Is this being transparent? You drag us out here for a half hour of questions," one reporter shouted before being interrupted.

"I have meetings to attend, lots of mee-," Jenkins tried to explain.

"I have a job too, you guys are not being upfront," the reporter shouted back.

The officials walked out of the room at that point as reporters continued to grumble.

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Southwest Airlines Stock Sank on U.S. Ebola Outbreak Fears

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