Police officers chase stolen doughnut van

Cops Chase Stolen Doughnut Van, Cliche Jokes Ensue
Cops Chase Stolen Doughnut Van, Cliche Jokes Ensue

Police officers in Portland, Oregon, had to chase a doughnut van loaded with fried, doughy goodness. Waiting for the punch line? Well, this actually happened.

Portland police say they chased 34-year-old Peter Johansen for two miles as he drove a stolen DonutLand van. They said he eventually stopped, then dropped a pastry out the window. The man was then obviously arrested.

A delivery driver for DonutLand stopped the van and left the keys inside, KPTV reports. That made it an easy target for the alleged theft -- but even the owner had a sense of humor about the crime.

KGW-TV reports: DonutLand's owner says he's had doughnuts stolen out of his vans before, but no one has ever taken the whole thing.

"Maybe he was hungry," owner George Wardini said.

According KGW-TV, the bakery says that when it went through the van, it was missing two boxes of doughnuts.

KATU reports that Peter Leon Johansen was booked on charges of theft, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and attempting to elude, while DonutLand's owner was left to clean up the doughnuts that were scattered all over inside the van.

Let's be real, though. How many jokes have you heard about police officers and doughnuts? A ton? Us, too. So have all these outlets that played with that fact in their headlines.

The Smoking Gun called the officers in pursuit "motivated," and OregonLive quipped: "Hands up! Drop that doughnut!"

Funnily enough, in August a country music station shared an Internet meme about a scenario just like this one. Our favorite comment?

"Steal 12 trucks they would be chasing a dozen donuts."

Actually before that Facebook post, someone else came up with the dumb idea of "Hey, I should steal a doughnut van!"

In 2008, authorities say a man stole a doughnut van in Illinois, also leading to a police chase, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports.

We really wanted to end this on some sort of cop-doughnut joke, but we'll refrain.

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