Wedding photos help woman get memory back after brain hemorrhage

Wedding Photos Help Bride Get Memory Back After Brain Hemorrhage
Wedding Photos Help Bride Get Memory Back After Brain Hemorrhage

LONG ISLAND (PIX11) – It was the happiest day of Tunicia and Raleigh Hall's life. In what was nearly 30 years in the making, the Queens couple finally tied the knot on June 28.

A month later, however, tragedy struck when Tunicia suffered a massive brain hemorrhage.

"My head started hurting tremendously," she recalled. "I don't even have the words to describe it."

The trauma wiped out nearly all of her recent memory, including her wedding day.

"They said she had a 50/50 chance," husband Raleigh Hall told reporters Tuesday. "They looked at the CAT scan and their faces worried me, so then I said I gotta do something."

From their first dance to their walk down the aisle, a hopeful Raleigh plastered the cherished photographs throughout the ICU at North Shore LIJ where his new bride fought for recovery.

To the amazement of doctors, it seemed to do the trick.

"I just know I was laying in the room looking around, looking at the pictures, and probably doing a lot of this," Tunicia said, as she nodded with a chuckle.

"As nurses were coming in and visitors were coming in, they started reflecting the love we shared," Raleigh Hall explained.

"So then what happened then, Tunicia started reflecting that same thing that they were reflecting and she didn't know why she was smiling but she saw something and I believe it was hope that she saw."

While the couple says it was a miracle that got Tunicia through, doctors credit the power of family.

"It's not just medical science that's bringing patients back," explained Dr. Richard Temes, Director at the Center for Neurocritical Care at North Shore LIJ.

"Patients' families are such an important key in terms of neurological recovery and this is a great example of that."

While sharing their story of recovery, the Halls were treated to a surprise performance by former 'American Idol' contestant Ian Holmes.

Coincidentally, it falls nearly 3 months to the day the pair exchanged vows, giving them more of a reason to celebrate.

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