UC Irvine breaks world record for largest pillow fight

UC Irvine Breaks World Record For Largest Pillow Fight
UC Irvine Breaks World Record For Largest Pillow Fight

There's nothing quite like breaking in a new school year with a massive pillow fight.

Some 4,200 students at University of California, Irvine really wanted to make it massive. They set out to break the world record for the largest pillow fight Tuesday.

According to a press release, this was part of the University's Welcome Week activities before classes start Thursday.

The students beat the Guinness World Record of 3,813 people participating in a pillow fight, which took place in Sweden in 2013.

That's pretty awesome -- and it seems like the students loved being a part of it.

Viviana Garcia told KABC: "I think it brings a lot of school spirit to everybody."

Xavier Dedenbach said: "It was awesome seeing so many people out here to support UCI."

Joshua Nguyen chimed in: "Just to set it off with another world record is really cool."

Notice how he said "another world record?"

The school also happens to be the site of the world's largest water gun fight and biggest dodgeball game.

As for the pillow fight, the Orange County Register reports that although the new record stands at 4,200 participants, more than 4,400 UC Irvine students showed up. Organizers just didn't buy enough pillows.

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