On this day in History, Mahatma Gandhi was born

Mahatma Gandhi's Legacy of Peace
Mahatma Gandhi's Legacy of Peace

On October 2nd in 1869, Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India. Gandhi was the main leader in India's push for independence, famously known for civil disobedience that took various forms, such as hunger strikes. His principles, beliefs, and commitment to non-violence have left a lasting legacy and are often still used.

Other Events on October 2nd:
1919: American President Woodrow suffered a massive stroke.
1971: Rod Stewart's "Maggie May" earned the #1 spot on music charts.
1985: Actor, Rock Hudson, died at the age of 59 from complications due to AIDS.
2006: Gunman, Charles Robert, kills 5 students at an Amish school before turning the gun on himself.
2013: Senator, Ted Cruz, trolled Barack Obama with a lighthearted tweet in response to the government shutdown.