New video from Centcom shows fiery airstrikes in Syria, Iraq



United States Central Command (Centcom) released four new videos Tuesday that show the latest attacks U.S.-led forces have made against the Islamic State in both Syria and Iraq.

In one of the new videos posted to the Centcom YouTube account, a missile can clearly be seen hurtling towards a tank in Iraq, which immediately explodes on impact. Another clip shows a vehicle driving along an Iraqi road before a strike engulfs it in flames.

Two explosions can be seen in another video which shows the destruction of a weapons storage facility in Syria. In a fourth clip a lightning-fast missile can be seen slamming into an ISIL-held building east of Al Hasakah, Syria a short distance from the Iraqi border.

The latest footage released by Centcom comes only a few days after a single clip was posted of Saturday's attack against the Islamic State inside Syria and near the Turkish border.

Centcom has released more than 20 videos of ISIL attacks and related missions since the U.S. began its involvement this summer. In a clip from early August shot in night vision, U.S. forces can be seen conducting a humanitarian aid drop, delivering halal meals intended for Yazidi refugees in the Mount Sinjar region.

Watch all of the latest Centcom videos in the gallery above.

What Goes Into a U.S. Military Airstrike?
What Goes Into a U.S. Military Airstrike?