Jail doesn't notice inmate escaped until 2 days later

Jail Doesn't Notice Inmate Escaped Until 2 Days Later
Jail Doesn't Notice Inmate Escaped Until 2 Days Later

A Washington State teen with a violent criminal history snuck out of jail last week and officials didn't notice his absence until two days later.

Rhyan Vasquez, 19, was booked on September 16th for allegedly committing a violent robbery.

Then on the 22nd, he slipped through an unlocked door after attending a Bible study class held in the visitation area at Marysville Jail.

But officials didn't know until two days later when his lawyer showed up for a visit. When jail staff went to retrieve Vasquez, he was no where to be found.

The teen was captured on the 26th and he's now facing escape charges. The jail is reviewing procedures and disciplinary measures against staff are possible.

Jail commander bluntly admits she is ashamed of the incident and says she's making the investigation a top priority.

A juvenile detention center in Tennessee is also rethinking its security measures after having three major breakouts in less than a month.

In early September, authorities launched a massive manhunt after 32 teens escaped from the Woodland Hills Youth Development center over Labor Day weekend. After that, several detainees broke out of the building and attacked guards in the yard.

Then last week, three more youths managed to steal a guard's keys and help 10 more teens escape.

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