Detroit Lions' Joseph Fauria injured while potty training pup

Detroit Lions Joseph Fauria Injured While Potty Training Pup
Detroit Lions Joseph Fauria Injured While Potty Training Pup

NFL players are subject to many injuries during their career, but this one is painfully adorable.

Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria is on the bench after spraining his ankle chasing ... this little guy.

He was apparently trying to keep his 3-month-old puppy from going to the bathroom inside the house and while racing down the stairs to catch him, he missed a few steps.

The pomeranian-husky mix named Lil Rufio caused Fauria to sit out last week's game.

The tight end tweeted, "Words can't describe how badly I feel about not being able to be on the field with teammates and brothers this weekend."

But Fauria has forgiven Lil Rufio.

He tweeted earlier this week that he's just concentrating on getting back on the field and asked that no one send his best friend death threats. He's just a pup!

ESPN reports doctors have given Fauria a timeline for his return but didn't share any details.

As for Lil Rufio's potty training status ... PETA reportedly plans to send Fauria a house-training guide to make things a little easier.