Celebs are #FeelingNuts to fight testicular cancer


Celebrities are going nuts for the newest social media craze ... literally.

Hugh Jackman, 45, posted a photo Wednesday morning of himself grabbing his crotch -- and he's not the only one.

UK organization Check One Two took a cue from the wildly successful ALS ice bucket challenge for their #feelingnuts challenge, which asks participants to, well, feel their nuts to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

"The Wolverine" star spread the message by nominating famous pals Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Strahan and Ricky Gervais ... we can't wait to see what they come up with!

Other stars, like the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer and Jamie Oliver, have also joined in on the movement.

See their 'nutty' photos below:

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Celebs are #FeelingNuts to fight testicular cancer
I accept #feelingnuts raising awareness for testicular cancer. I nominate @ActuallyNPH @michaelstrahan @rickygervais http://t.co/zl1lce9Rfr
Guys I'm #feelingnuts raising awareness for testicular cancer I'm nominating @Dexfletch @TinieTempah @edsheeran http://t.co/IuSfYs8WmY
umm, we were #FeelingNuts http://t.co/qY1mXIU0cu
@check_one_two @fulwell73 are #Feelingnuts & challenge @clydeholcroft @robkey612 @flintoff11 to top our crotch grab! http://t.co/9yM7575mXW
I'm #Feelingnuts with @check_one_two . I now ask @prodnose @Lord_Sugar & @2010LeeHurst to grab 'em? http://t.co/iSjfB12L9t
Come on @GaryLineker Your bro @waynelineker did it! @check_one_two #feelingnuts http://t.co/3v0IwzB2ZU
Let's raise awareness for testicles and save the world! Boys & girls, send a pic using #feelingnuts @check_one_two http://t.co/XSt012fTAD
#feelingnuts upon the rocks.....we give you: Patch & The Giant ball grab for @check_one_two. http://t.co/sM4W0ti2H5
We're #feelingnuts with @check_one_two and we challenge you Niall Horan, @jasonderulo, @MarkWright_ and #LouisWalsh http://t.co/ssqcEX6n6D
We're #FeelingNuts with @Check_One_Two . We challenge you @the1975 and @PaoloNutini to top our crotch grab! http://t.co/GlDxTlNMOC
Here's a sight for sore eyes! Shout outs to @check_one_two and don't forget to tweet your pic/tag it #feelingnuts http://t.co/uj4Yy0kBZE
HeY! I'M #FeelingNuts To rAIsE AwAreNESs fOr TESTICULAR CANCER @check_one_two ! LeTs aLL jOiN iN. http://t.co/kN1xUNdzkb
I'm #FeelingNuts w/ @Check_One_Two & I challenge my bro @KSIOlajidebt, @Example & @Wretch32 to top my crotch grab! http://t.co/lYV13FFcdr
I’m #Feelingnuts w @check_one_two to help fight testicular cancer during the London leg of #GandyForAutograph launch http://t.co/raaoXiajVy

Approximately 8,820 new cases of testicular cancer will be diagnosed in 2014, according to the American Cancer Society, and an estimated 380 men will die from the disease.

While there's no icy element involved in this challenge, we're curious to see if crotch-grabbing will nab the same $100 million result in donations. Nonetheless, it sure is more fun to look at!

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