Are You Future-Proof?

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Change is constant. Ubiquitous. Inevitable. And if you work with it instead of against it, it can very valuable as well. Here are the 5 traits that can make your career future-proof.
future proof

A = Curious
You seek out what's new, because leaning on old ideas will render your skills obsolete. Imagine if you still sent messages via fax.

B = Teachable
You are always learning something, because if you aren't learning, your relevancy is eroding. Nobody knows everything, so don't pretend you do.

C = Flexible
You're willing to do new things, because stubbornly clinging to old habits will leave you grasping at straws. Evolve, or keep shooing those kids off your lawn.

D = Practical
You do what matters, because that's what people need. Besides, that's what they'll pay for--what they really need.

E = Personable
Your actions can't be automated, because your role requires more creativity than repetition. Plus, people like you.
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