New ISIS propaganda video blasts Obama's 'simplistic' speeches and 'under-construction army'



A newly released ISIS propaganda video featuring British hostage James Cantlie blasts President Obama's "simplistic" speeches and the America's "arrogant" war on terror.

Cantlie, a photographer taken hostage in 2012 in Syria, has now appeared in two videos for the Islamic State. This latest one is titled "Lend Me Your Ears."

Footage varies from Cantlie sitting at a mahogany-colored desk in a black room while wearing an orange traditional Muslim robe to images of U.S. soldiers training the Iraqi Self-Defense Force and even screen grabs of various CNN articles.

Cantlie calls U.S. President Barack Obama's recently-laid out strategy for dealing with ISIS "no surprise" and calls into question the effectiveness of airstrikes.

He also cites U.S. polls that support military action against ISIS but conclude the American public does not think the president is the right man for the job.

"The public is not rallying behind Obama this time around," said Cantlie, before skewering American policy towards Afghanistan and Iraq.

Cantlie (and ISIS) calls out Obama for "simplistic language" in a recent speech where the president "was at pains to point out that groups of killers have the capacity to do great harm.

"That was the case before 9/11, and remains today," Cantlie continued. "If this reality wasn't changed by two arrogant wars before, why would a third change it now?"

Cantlie then calls into question the President's assertion that the Islamic State wants to "slaughter all who stand in its way" by saying "it is an undeniable fact" the terror group did not kill Christian women and children in the Iraqi citis of Mosul and Sinja.

The taped statement took a strange turn when Cantlie said ISIS does not consider the Shia to be Muslims, and, in fact, sees them as "worse than Americans.

"They are apostates claiming to be Muslims while worshipping the dead," he added.

Cantlie then wrapped up the rambling speech by saying Obama's narrative of "America is good, the Islamic State is bad" was all "terribly predictable."

The captured man called the coalition forces a "motley" group and said: "The Islamic State welcome meeting Obama's under-construction army."

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