Molly Sims' secret smoothie recipe

The Everyday Super Momma - Fertility Smoothie
The Everyday Super Momma - Fertility Smoothie

Supermodel turned mommy, Molly Sims dishes her secret to staying healthy and fertile. Though Sims had a relatively easy time getting pregnant with her first baby boy, Brooks, she admits the second time around isn't so stress-free.

With the help of her doula and author, Lori Bregman, who has helped Sims before and after her pregnancy. What did she advise the blond beauty to do drink every day? This delicious smoothie packed with nutrients, perfect for mommies-to-be.

Try making it at home with this recipe:
1 cup of organic mixed berries
2 cups almond milk
1 scoop (or one serving) of protein powder
2 shots of wheatgrass
1 tsp of Maca Root powder
1 tsp of Royal jelly*
1 pack of frozen Acai berry
1 tsp of Bee pollen*
1 tsp of liquid omega oil
1 scoop (one serving) of powdered greens

*Not suitable for those with bee allergies

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