Suspect who wore too much cologne sniffed out by police dog while hiding in bushes


Police chasing after a fleeing suspect found him hiding in bushes because he was wearing too much cologne.

Charles Agosto, 35, of Lebanon, Oregon, was initially pulled over Monday morning for a routine traffic stop and then ran away before a canine unit sniffed him out, police sources told KOIN.

The K-9 officer who pulled Agosto over discovered the possibility of narcotics in his car, according to the report, causing the suspect to ditch the car and fled in an attempt to try to lose the fuzz on foot.

Agosto allegedly told police shortly after being found that he "regretted applying cologne to his person prior to leaving the house."

He was arrested and booked on multiple charges including felony attempt to elude and reckless driving.

It is not clear if he faces drug charges. An AOL News message left with Lebanon police seeking further information has yet to be returned.

Agosto was also suspected in the 2008 kidnapping of boys aged two and four-years old and a nine-year-old girl, according to a 2008 Oregonian report.

He and a Julia Payne reportedly took the children from a home early one morning and were found about one month later in Las Vegas, according to the Corvallis Gazette-Times.

Agosto was sentenced to probation but immediately broke the terms of the agreement when he was charged with multiple theft charges, the Lebanon Express reported.

He served one year in prison and appears to have stayed out of trouble until this week.

Agosto is cooling his heels at Linn County Jail.

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