Skydiving accident claims 2 lives

Skydiving Accident Claims 2 Lives
Skydiving Accident Claims 2 Lives

Investigators in Massachusetts are working to determine what caused a tragic skydiving accident Saturday afternoon.

Officials say a skydiving instructor and student died after jumping out of a plane together. They were supposed to land at the Cape Cod airport, but they overshot the landing area and crashed into a building.

Officers found the men in bad shape next to a garage.

"It appears they did hit the garage. At this time the Mass state police will be investigating."

WFXT reports the victims were transported to a hospital where they were pronounced dead. Right now it's unclear if their equipment malfunctioned.

Neighbors say skydivers are a common site in the area, but something went wrong that day.

"We see them over the house every single day and you know they're pretty cognitive of the weather and so you know when the winds are really gusty you don't see them obviously, or thunderstorms, it's just devastating."

One woman in the area told WBZ-TV, "I had seen the parachuter come down...Unfortunately I don't know what happened, but I heard a thud. It sounded like somebody hit the trees."
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