'RHONJ': Kathy and Rich Wakile hire Kevin Jonas to build their house

'RHONJ:' Kathy And Rich Wakile Hired A Jonas Brother To Build Their House
'RHONJ:' Kathy And Rich Wakile Hired A Jonas Brother To Build Their House

Last night's "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" featured Kathy Wakile and her husband Rich building a new house. And you'll never guess who they hired as their contractor. Yes, that was the one and only Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

When questioned, the former pop star replied, "That was my day job, now I'm doing this."

The pop-rock group broke up back in October 2013, and now we finally know what Kevin's been up to since then.

He launched his very own construction company, which specializes in large mansions, in New Jersey earlier this year. And Kathy's new home wasn't his first project. Zillow reported back in June the eldest Jo-Bro built a house for himself, his wife Danielle and their new baby.

So Kev's clearly got some experience under his belt as a contractor.

But that didn't stop Rich and Kathy's sister Rosie from having a little fun at his expense.

But Bustle notes, all things considered, Kevin handled everything professionally. "It was only a quick scene, but he seemed to take [Kathy's] requirements in stride, even though she wants each of her bedroom closets to be roughly the size of a small garage."

We wish you the best of luck there, Kevin.

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