'Modern Family' editor hilariously live-tweets flight with 'worst person in the world'


"Modern Family" editor Ryan Case sat behind "the worst person in the world" during an overnight flight and live-tweeted the hilarious series of events that led to her being arrested.

A woman who claimed her name was Nadia and was so drunk she was slurring her speech bragged about having money, fought with passengers and tried to hook up with an Arab guy after mocking the Middle East, according to Case.

Dozens of tweets detailed Nadia's "first time not in first-class" during the late-Sunday-early-Monday flight from New York to Los Angeles. Case's hilarious thoughts on Nadia's drunken meltdown are the icing on the cake.

A photo of Nadia is towards the end of the 60-some tweet account of the flight from hell, but it may be worth taking the account of events with a grain of salt.

"Bachelor" producer Evan Gale live-tweeted an argument last year aboard a Thanksgiving flight with fictional fellow plane passenger Diane before later admitting the whole thing was a hoax.

"Modern Family" snagged several Emmy nominations this year, largely due in part to Case's sense of humor.

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