Missing Idaho woman found disoriented in hometown

Missing Idaho Woman Found Disoriented In Hometown
Missing Idaho Woman Found Disoriented In Hometown

A Boise, Idaho woman who went missing last week was found disoriented in her hometown 2,000 miles away and she says she has no idea how she got there.

Cynthia Adams, 52, was reported missing Tuesday when she didn't return home from a doctor's appointment.

She reportedly made three cash withdrawals as she traveled - one in Idaho and two in Wyoming.

Then over the weekend, she showed up at a home in Clara, Mississippi where she grew up in the 1960s. Fortunately, the people who lived at the home then were still there and helped her.

Adams husband says her disappearance was very strange. They weren't having problems and she has never had issues with her memory. But Adams doesn't know how she got there and she couldn't remember her family back in Idaho.

But a friend of Adams told KBOI she suffers from medical issues that stem from a traumatic brain injury that occurred several years ago. Adams was taken to a hospital in Waynesboro, Mississippi for unspecified reasons.

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