KickStarter man throws $55K potato salad party

Kickstarter Man Throws $55K Potato Salad Party
Kickstarter Man Throws $55K Potato Salad Party

Oh, you'd better believe there was potato salad!

The man who got the internet to put up $55,000 for a $10 batch of potato salad just threw a potato salad party. And we're willing to venture it's the biggest potato salad party of all time.

Zack "Danger" Brown threw a huge potato salad party in Columbus, Ohio Saturday to benefit charities in the area. PotatoStock 2014 featured plenty of potato salad as well as bands, beer and other food. (Video via WCMH)

ZACK BROWN VIA WXIX: "Decided to throw this event here to raise money on top of the Kickstarter money ... We set up a fund at the Columbus foundation that will payout to non-profits that are working to end hunger and homelessness."

And it was a pretty big deal. Columbus's WTTE even went to the cook live on Saturday.

"Oh hey, didn't see you there!"

Things started simply for Brown. He set up a KickStarter campaign in July jokingly asking for $10 to help make his first batch of potato salad. Then, things took off and he raised about $55,000.

Now, Kickstarter rules state you can't donate money received through the site directly to charity. So instead, Brown used the money raised, and some donations, to throw the event for charity.

And, if you're throwing a party with 300 lbs worth of potato salad, you've got to get the best potatoes. Brown recently visited the potato state with the help of the Idaho Potato Commission to pick out a few spuds.

We'd bet Brown had a very unique first experience making potato salad.

This video includes an image from amelia / CC BY NC SA 2.0.
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