'Family Guy,' 'The Simpsons' crossover mocks the shows' famous rivalries

'Family Guy,' 'The Simpsons' Crossover Mocks The Shows' Famous Rivalries

It's finally happened - two of TV's most beloved father figures sat down for a beer ... and immediately started fighting about their respective shows.

"It's just a lousy rip-off."

"Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa! It's not a rip-off of Duff.

It may have been inspired by Duff, but I like to think it goes in a different direction."

"No, this is just the same as Duff, but, like, worse."

This epic crossover had it all - cameos from Bob of Bob's Burgers, Roger the alien from American Dad and even Fred from The Flintstones.

As Zap2It notes, another awesome aspect about the episode was that we saw the classic debate of Family Guy vs. The Simpsons waged before our very eyes by the characters themselves.

But Entertainment Weekly went a bit deeper, saying this crossover went beyond the two hit animated sitcoms poking fun at each other.

"The best parts of "The Simpsons Guy" came in the first half, when the two shows were just playfully interacting. But you could feel how this crossover wanted to be about something deeper."

Matt Carter was another critic who was pleasantly surprised coming into the episode thinking this was going to be just another ratings stunt.

"So while we firmly expected the worse, we're willing to go out on a limb here in saying that this may be one of the best cartoon crossovers ever."

And it seems that fans agree, with many on Twitter raving about how much they loved the crossover. #FamilyGuySimpsonsCrossover and the phrases Homer and Peter were trending throughout the night.

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