Epic hailstorm ravages Colorado, blankets suburban Denver in several inches of ice



An epic hailstorm ravaging suburban Denver has left many places looking like they were blanketed in snow.

The powerful early autumn storm rumbling across the country hit the Centennial State with high winds, heavy rain and nearly-golf ball-sized hail.

The hail even drifted feet-deep in at least one town. Some of the images are staggering.

Cars were damaged, windows were broken and summer warmth was brought to an unceremonious end as much colder temperatures began to settle in as the storm rolled through.

Temperatures have dropped about 20 degrees from the mid-70s to the mid-50s from Sunday to Monday.

The storms are expected to clear the state by Monday evening but will begin affecting the Midwest Tuesday and reach the East Coast by Thursday or Friday.

Nature Strikes a Plane in Flight
Nature Strikes a Plane in Flight

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