Arizona man trades $160K diamond for $20 marijuana

Arizona Man Trades $160K Diamond For $20 Weed
Arizona Man Trades $160K Diamond For $20 Weed

$160,000 can get you a lot of things: A nice car, a nice house, an education -- but Walter Earl Morrison didn't bother with any of that.

Instead, he traded it for $20 worth of marijuana.

Here's what happened: The 20-year-old allegedly stole a UPS package containing a very expensive diamond -- and then traded the $160K diamond for a bag of weed worth 20 bucks.

An officer told KNXV, "That's not a good deal."

No, no it's not.

Morrison, who worked for UPS, apparently thought the package contained cash, but found the diamond instead -- and still made the trade.

Fortunately, the diamond was recovered and delivered to its rightful owner and Morrison was fired.

This isn't the weirdest trade we've ever seen attempted.

That story comes from Florida. Last year, a man attempted to trade a live alligator for a 12-pack of beer at a convenience store. That deal didn't go through.

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