5 burning questions ahead of 'Gotham's' second episode

5 burning questions ahead of 'Gotham's' second episode

Batman, Bruce Wayne, Detective Gordon, and a whole lot of questions.

That's the feeling we got after catching the season premiere of Fox's "Gotham" on September 22. The much-anticipated show, loosely based on the DC Comics series, nabbed plenty of early buzz over its big debut, and left viewers with plenty to ponder ahead of the second episode.

The new show, which stars Ben McKenzie, Jada Pinkett Smith and Donal Logue, follows the early life of Detective Jim Gordon as he cracks down on the corruption and crime in Gotham ahead of Batman's arrival.

As expected, we're also getting an inside look at the rise of Gotham's biggest criminals from The Penguin to Fish Mooney to Carmine Falcone.

Here's our burning questions ahead of this evening's episode:

1. Who really killed Detective Gordon's dad?
Detective Gordon tells Bruce Wayne that a drunk driver killed his father when he was a kid, but after his chat with Carmine Falcone, we're wondering if that was really the case. "You have a hard head just like your father. Don't be self-righteous and arrogant," Falcone tells Detective Gordon after revealing he was once friends with his father. Perhaps Gordon's pops wasn't just 'a friend' of the mobsters and his death wasn't really an accident.

2. Did we just meet Poison Ivy?
In the first episode, Detective Gordon met a little girl with bright red hair who was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne's alleged killer Mario Pepper. She introduced herself as Ivy. Ivy was spotted in the background of two scenes playing with a couple of plants. We smell a bit of foreshadowing.

3. Why doesn't Selina Kyle talk?
Cat got your tongue, Selina Kyle? The feline-like female was spotted throughout the first episode taking in all the action on Gotham's streets, including the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents. But so far we haven't actually heard her speak. This week's episode, which is aptly titled "Selina Kyle" should explain a couple things about her life.

4. Who is Detective Gordon's fiancée Barbara Kean, really?
Detective Gordon whispered to his future wife, "I know when you're lying," but we're pretty sure his sleuth skills might be a little off since Detective Montoya seems to know Barbara from a former life. Debate: What's the connection?

5. Where did The Penguin go?
We know Gordon didn't off The Penguin (real name: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot), but how exactly will he make his way back to the city after being dumped in the river? From the looks of the trailer for tonight's episode, Penguin heads back to the crime-riddled metropolis leaving a sea of bodies in his wake.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Fox.