Woman finds two-headed baby snapping turtle

Woman Finds Two-Headed Baby Snapping Turtle
Woman Finds Two-Headed Baby Snapping Turtle

Two heads are better than one...but sometimes they're also so much cuter.

A woman in Maine came across this little guy - two headed baby snapping turtle trying to cross the road.

Kathleen Talbot says she found the pair while she was watching turtle hatchlings cross the street and stuck around to make sure they made it safely to the other side.

She says she noticed one turtle left behind. It was so dirty she thought at first the two heads were two feet. It wasn't until she got home and she realize it had two heads.

As you can see it fit very comfortably in the palm of her hand.According to WLBZ, she named the duo Frank and Stein.

Talbot isn't planning on keep them as pets but does want to make sure they survive. The reptiles can grow to be around 150 pounds, but their unique feature might make it challenging.

Last year, a Los Angeles man came across a two-headed snapping turtle. He named them "Thor" and "Loki."

Todd Ray owns the world's largest collection of two-headed animals so it was a snap decision to keep the little guys.