Woman claims Disney stole her life story to make 'Frozen'

Woman Claims Disney Stole Her Life Story To Make 'Frozen'
Woman Claims Disney Stole Her Life Story To Make 'Frozen'

Disney was hit with a $250 million lawsuit by a woman who claims the company stole her life story to produce one of the highest-grossing animated films in history.

'Frozen' has a lot of touching plot points viewers can relate to. That's one of the reasons it was so successful.

It had heartwarming sisterly love, a terrible accident, characters falling in love, and betrayal.

But Isabella Tanikumi says this is much too similar to her own life in the Peruvian Andes, which she detailed in her autobiographies 'Living My Truth' and 'Yearnings of the Heart' published in 2010.

There are some odd similarities between the two stories.

A copy of the complaint was emailed to E! News, citing 18 instances in which Disney allegedly lifted material from Tanikumi's work.

Some of them are about the sisters. Tanikumi's books talk about two very close sisters with opposite hair colors. They both have horses. In both stories, one of the sisters becomes physically injured because of the other, but loses memory of the accident.

Both sisters experience tragedy. An earthquake in Tanikumi's story, and a giant storm in Frozen.

And Tanikumi and Ana have romantic experiences under the moonlight.

It also includes two male characters by the name of Hans and Kristoff which, we'll admit, is pretty weird.

Disney has always said 'Frozen' was inspired by the story of 'The Snow Queen' by Hans Christian Andersen which was first published in the 1840s.

Tanikumi is demanding a trial by jury. So far, Disney has not released a comment on the matter.