#TrashBucketChallenge takes over Ukraine as angry citizens toss politicians into dumpsters


Ukrainians fed up with their country's "corrupt" government are taking matters into their own hands.

Another member of the former Soviet country's parliament has been thrown in the trash. Politician Viktor Pylypyshyn was ganged up on Thursday by angry protesters only weeks after another politician was tossed into a dumpster.

At least three politicians are known to have been tossed into garbage, according to the paper, and the Twitter hashtag #TrashBucketChallenge is only encouraging more citizens to take out the trash.

Pylypyshyn was celebrating his registration as a candidate for an upcoming parliamentary election when the unruly mob insulted and abused him, according to the Kyiv Post.

Angry protesters shouted insults at him as they closed in and threw garbage at him, the video showed.

"You have to stand on your knees all your life!" A man furiously shouted as another threw newspaper at Pylypyshyn. "What are you staring at? Eyes down to the ground!"

The group then picked up the hopeful man and hoisted him into a dumpster.

Leading opposition figure Varta Kyeva wrote online that "the outraged public showed him that his place is in the trash bin of history, and doused him with red paint, so that he remembers that his vote in the Verkhovna Rada caused death of innocent people," according to the Post.

Pylypyshyn is already a member of parliament but was applying for a bid at re-election. His January 16 vote in favor of laws restricting citizens' personal freedoms is what ignited their anger, said the paper.

Kyeva also ranted that attempts by the "corrupt falsifier Viktor Pylypyshyn" to help put down rebellions have been unsuccessful, according to the Post.

Parliament member Vitaliy Zhuravsky was tossed into a dumpster on September 16 by an angry mob for also voting in favor of the January 16 measure.

A third politician, Alexander Danilchuk, was also thrown into a trash bin early Friday, according to the paper. But further details in that incident are not yet known.

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