The Paris train station time forgot

The Paris Train Station Time Forgot
The Paris Train Station Time Forgot

Located in Paris down a side street of a quiet residential neighborhood lies a dying, crumbling building.

If it seems out of place, that's because it is. The story began during the third world's fair held in Paris in 1878. Called the La Gare Lisch, it was to be one of the centerpieces of the event.

The station served as a terminal for connecting passengers commuting from the Paris suburbs at a time when public transportation consisted of little more than horse-drawn buggies. Twenty years later, after the the iconic Eiffel Tower was opened, the city was ready for a new station.

In 1897, the once great station was dismantled brick by brick and moved to a less desirable part of the city. In the 1930's the old station was converted into an artist studio which lasted until the early 1970's when it was taken over for a short period by the national circus school.

By 1983, the station was left abandoned, saved from demolition only by the sheer will of groups interested in seeing it renovated.

Thirty years later, little has changed with with La Gare Lisch, but historical groups haven't given up hope yet. The fight continues to one day bring this once great landmark back to it's former glory.

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