The most-tweeted Michael Jackson songs around the world


The King of Pop may have passed away in 2009 while Twitter was still in its infancy, but that hasn't stopped his legions of fans from telling everyone about their favorite MJ songs.

Michael Jackson's sudden overdose death in 2009 while rehearsing for new shows shocked the world. Fans grieved him on Facebook and Twitter, but the above map shows which songs are most-likes in each country.

This fascinating chart was assembled by Twitter as it was revealed a long-lost duet between Jackson and former Queen lead singer Freddy Mercury would be released this fall, 30-years after it was originally recorded.

"Let Me In Your Heart" was announced September 19 in a press release on Queen's website. It will be part of album set to be released next month. It was written by Mercury in 1981 and recorded in separate sessions spanning from that year until 1985.

The new album, titled "Queen Forever," is a compilation of classic Queen hits and newer versions of some of the band's most popular songs.

The 20-song compilation is meant to be "a definitive collection of Queen's timeless love songs," said the band. A 36-track extended edition is also available.

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