On this day in history, Nixon and Kennedy participate in televised debate, September 26th, 1960

Today in History September 26
Today in History September 26

On September 26th in 1960, Democratic Senator, John F. Kennedy, and Vice President, Richard M. Nixon, participated in the first major televised debate between presidential candidates. The candidates discussed domestic matters and John F. Kennedy emerged the debate winner favorite. Three more debates followed leading up to the November elections which John F. Kennedy eventually won.

Other Events on September 26th:
1914: The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) was established.
1957: The "West Side Story" musical debuted on Broadway.
1981: Serena Williams was born in Saginaw, Michigan.
2008: Paul Newman died at the age of 83.
2013: Mariano Rivera bid farewell to Yankee Stadium, pitching in his final regular home season game with the NY Yankees.

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