Bryan Cranston has awesome chat with cancer-stricken mega-fan

Bryan Cranston Has Awesome Chat With Cancer Stricken Mega-Fan
Bryan Cranston Has Awesome Chat With Cancer Stricken Mega-Fan

For all the bad, evil, horrible things Bryan Cranston did as meth kingpin Walter White on Breaking Bad --- in real life Cranston is one hell of a good guy.

Brad Joyner, 19, suffers from terminal cancer; a story reflected in Cranston's character in the award winning AMC show. Joyner's family and friends started a viral campaign on his behalf posting photos and always using the hashtag #breakingbrad.

When Heisenberg himself caught wind of the campaign he couldn't help but want to get involved. Joyners mom, Aimee Pettigrew, posted this video of the beautiful moment when her son learned he was going to have a one-on-one chat with his idol.

For more than a half hour that Saturday Joyner and Cranston chatted via skype. Pettigrew explained to Cranston how her son could relate to his characters terminal diagnosis -- but not to everything (ahem, meth labs). Cranston joked that he could "teach" him all that. The pair talked about everything from sharks to cars and of course Breaking Bad.

To literally sweeten the deal for Joyner Cranston even sent over an ice cream truck to the house so the whole neighborhood could join in on the celebration.

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