Woman gets her sight and style back on 'Girlfriend Intervention'

Woman Gets Her Sight And Style Back On 'Girlfriend Intervention'
Woman Gets Her Sight And Style Back On 'Girlfriend Intervention'

Thirty-nine-year-old Danelle almost lost her eyesight a few years back. Fortunately, major surgery fixed her vision. But she was so focused on her recovery, she let her style fall to the wayside.

Danelle's 13-year-old daughter even described her mother as looking like a Skittle in her old clothes. Ouch.

But with a little help, she went from sweats and flip flops to...

"Look at her now!"

"I've never seen her dress like that before."

Yes, Danelle's husband and 13-year-old daughter couldn't believe her incredible transformation, and neither could Danelle when she saw her new look for the very first time.

"Meet the new Danelle."

"Oh my gosh!"

Danelle's friends and family said, since her surgery, she spent her days putting others before herself. And they were excited to see Danelle finally get something in return.

Fans on Twitter were just as moved by Danelle's makeover, with some even commenting on how empowering and inspiring the episode was.

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