Lindsay Lohan's theatrical debut off to a rocky start

Lindsay Lohan Bombs In Theatrical Debut
Lindsay Lohan Bombs In Theatrical Debut

Lindsay Lohan temporarily left Hollywood for London's West End, but it looks like it may not have been worth it.

The "Mean Girls" actress made her professional theatrical debut in David Mamet's "Speed the Plow" and the reviews are sounding more like insults from "Mean Girls." The general consensus is that she was underwhelming and boring, and at one point she even forgot her lines. A stage hand had to call out her lines to her so that Lohan could move forward with the scene. In addition, she held a prop book that had several lines scribbled inside.

The production was meant to be something of a redemption for the troubled 28-year-old actress who has struggled to find success after nearly a decade of arrests, court appearances, rehab treatments, and negative tabloid headlines.

Unfortunately for her, Lohan's notoriety wasn't enough to fill the seats of the London theater, and unfortunately for the fans that patiently waited for the star by the stage door... Lohan snuck out the back.

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