Kiss cam captures a different kind of 'wet one'

Kiss Cam Captures A Different Kind Of 'Wet One'
Kiss Cam Captures A Different Kind Of 'Wet One'

It wasn't quite what the crowd expected to see when two people were put on the kiss cam.

During Tuesday night's San Francisco Giants/Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game, two people decided to forgo lockin' lips and instead dumped overpriced beer on each other's heads.

For those who've never been to Dodger's Stadium, beers go for around 15 bucks each, so the stunt likely cost as much as some tickets to get into the ballpark.

Perhaps they gave each other a different kind of "wet one" because they were rooting for opposite teams, or maybe they are related to each other.

That's exactly what happened at a University of Michigan hockey game earlier this year. Adam Martin was put on the Kiss Cam, but rather than smooch the woman sitting next to him, he pulled up this sign reading, "My sister." Since being posted on YouTube, that Michigan Kiss Cam moment has racked up more than 14 million views.

As for the two at the Dodgers game, they dumped beer on each other in the fifth inning, so they most likely didn't sit in sticky beer for too long.

Again, for those who've never been to Dodgers Stadium, if you want to avoid traffic leaving the game that's about the time you'd leave anyway.

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