Idaho woman recovering after being pinned by 2-ton boulder

Idaho Woman Recovering After Being Pinned by 2-Ton Boulder
Idaho Woman Recovering After Being Pinned by 2-Ton Boulder

A Sandpoint, Idaho rock climber is recovering after a routine hike turned into a more than 12-hour-long ordeal with her being pinned down by a nearly two-ton rock.

Thirty-six-year-old Ammi Midstokke and her friend Jason Luthy were hiking Idaho's Selkirk Mountains Friday afternoon when, during their descent, a boulder came loose. It hit Midstokke in the face and trapped her foot.

She told KXLY, "There was a brief moment between the initial strike, the initial impact, and the second roll and I tried to scramble out of the way. I was a little delirious from the first impact."

Luthy and Midstokke were unable to move the boulder. Luthy, a member of Priest Lake Search and Rescue, called for help and, hours later, a rescue team was able to find them.

But then there was the matter of moving the two-ton boulder and getting Midstokke to safety.

The Spokesman Review quotes a Priest Lake spokesperson who said, "Rescuers freed Midstokke's leg in about 40 minutes using pry bars, mechanical advantage and muscle."

That was sometime after midnight, and Midstokke was unable to hike. So she and the crew spent the night on the mountain until a Fairfield Air Force Base crew arrived, hoisted her up into a helicopter and flew her to hospital.

Midstokke said she was "pretty banged up" but could be hiking again in the next few weeks. She also thanked her rescuers and encourages viewers to donate to Priest Lake Search and Rescue by going to

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