How Kelly Ripa's 'butt selfie' got into the wrong hands

How Kelly Ripa's 'Butt Selfie' Got Into The Wrong Hands
How Kelly Ripa's 'Butt Selfie' Got Into The Wrong Hands


On the 'Late Show,' Kelly Ripa revealed she, like many other celebrities as of late, experienced some trouble with a selfie she put on the Cloud.

Kelly told David Letterman she and her husband share an iCloud account with her father-in-law and mother-in-law.

She admitted she really didn't know how it worked.

So when she tried to send what she calls a 'belfie' or a butt selfie in her underwear to her husband, it accidentally got into the wrong hands.

'So I send it to my husband, and my mother and father-in-law respond from their e-mail. And they're like, 'Dear Kelly, we are so proud of all the hard work. Your exercise classes are really paying off.''

Yeah, that's a little awkward. But Kelly says she wasn't too embarrassed -- in fact, she's taken clothed 'belfies' before on her show ''Live with Kelly and Michael.''

She even took one backstage at the "Late Show" and showed it off on Instagram with the caption, "Will Dave figure out what a 'belfie' is?" Well, he definitely knows what it is now!

Twitter was absolutely loving Kelly's hilarious story. Looks like "belfie" may be officially becoming a thing.

Speaking of Kelly and hubby Mark, how cute are they? Round of applause to the couple for keeping the love alive: