Contaminated sushi may have caused parasites to take over man's body

Contaminated Sushi Caused Parasites To Take Over Man's Body
Contaminated Sushi Caused Parasites To Take Over Man's Body

Well, I'm never eating sushi again, and you may not want to either after this story: There is a report claiming that a Chinese man nearly died when his entire body was taken over by tapeworms after he ate contaminated sashimi, or slices of raw fish. The man, said to be from the Guangdong Province, went to the hospital complaining of stomach pains and x-rays showed tiny parasites crawling throughout every inch of his body. Apparently his sashimi contained tapeworm eggs.

A doctor told a local news source the man likely suffers from cysticercosis, where tapeworms enter a person's bloodstream. It can be fatal if the parasite gets to the brain.

While we haven't been able to independently verify this story (which is disgusting), it's said doctors were able to remove the tapeworms (which are disgusting) and the man survived.

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