Britney Spears stuns with sleek new look


Britney Spears hasn't let her recent breakup dull her shine!

The "Slave 4 U" singer, 32, looked better than ever on Thursday in Germany where she was promoting her new lingerie collection, less than a month after splitting with her longtime boyfriend, David Lucado.

Spears turned heads as she debuted a new chin-length bob, a striking difference from the high ponytail she sported days before in Poland. The "Womanizer" songstress complimented her new locks with a chic snow-white pantsuit and delicate lace camisole.

Britney Spears Has a New Look
Britney Spears Has a New Look

While it is hard to say whether her breakup or her new business venture is the reason for her style overhaul, the professional attire is definitely an exciting change for the star who regularly reaches for less formal apparel.

In a recent interview, Spears revealed how her recent love life has affected her new album. "You take the experiences that you go through and definitely put it into your work," she said playfully. "So, I'm going to have a lot of, 'I hate men' songs and then a lot of 'I love men' songs."

Well, based on the singer's new look, she won't be single for long.

Watch the interview below:

Britney Spears Says New Album Will Feature Man-Hating Songs
Britney Spears Says New Album Will Feature Man-Hating Songs

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