11-year-old rapper sings about sister with Down syndrome

11-Year-Old Rapper Sings About Sister With Down Syndrome
11-Year-Old Rapper Sings About Sister With Down Syndrome

Pre-teens everywhere are swooning over an 11-year-old singer with the sweetest new take on an old song. Rapper MattyB even has adults nodding approvingly with a happy sigh.

This month, he published a cover of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors," and made a music video starring his sister, Sarah Grace, who has Down syndrome. She has been bullied, but Matty thinks she's the best sister out there.

MattyB told ABC: "She's awesome sister. Sarah, are you awesome?"

"Yeah, I always tickle Matty B," Sarah Grace said.

"She does everything the family does, and I think that Matt's heart here was be able to show that in a video," Matty's father, Blake Morris, said.

WCTI commented on the video: "Young, right? Starting young here. So, the video has now gone viral."

The Christian Post called the video "inspirational." The Huffington Post said Matty's message of "there's always room for change" is "awesome." And ViralNova says we can all learn a couple things from the rapper.

Even notoriously sarcastic Perez Hilton was gaga for the 11-year-old rapper. He wrote:

"MattyB once again proves why he's one of the most talented kids on the playground, but more importantly, he spreads a very clear message: to love everyone regardless of their differences!"

It sounds like Sarah Grace doesn't mind the attention, either. Her mom says she loves being in front of the camera -- just like her big brother.