Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's taxpayer-funded driver dropped him off at a crack house, police claim


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's sister told police his taxpayer-funded driver dropped him off last spring at a crack house, according to newly unsealed documents.

The affidavit was cracked open Wednesday by an Ontario judge and first reported by the National Post. None of the claims have ben proven in court, but they provide yet another glimpse into the possible extent of Ford's addiction.

Kathy Ford made the shocking admission during questioning by Toronto Police as they attempted to track down cellphone video that reportedly showed the mayor of Canada's largest city, and her, smoking crack.

The documents were opened as investigators worked to obtain a warrant for one of three cellphones believed to contain the video, according to the paper.

The admitted drug addict told police that Ford's city driver dropped him off at her home April 26 to smoke crack with her.

He "arrived at the house intoxicated," she told police, "He was brought there by his driver "Jerry."

The video, which Gawker once tried to crowdsource funding to obtain, was shot that night.

Also shown in the footage was Alexander "Sandro" Lisi, an accused drug dealer and known-Ford acquaintance, according to the Post.

Reporter Robyn Doolittle, who wrote a book on the Fords, is said to have told police that the men who showed her the tape went by the names "Jugga" and "S. Pablo."

Jugga, who was later discovered by police to be accused drug dealer Michael James, is believed to have shot the infamous video.

Kathy Ford's adult daughter was asleep upstairs in her bedroom while the depraved pair smoked crack in her basement, she admitted.

Authorities claim the phones will prove Rob Ford's culpability.

"I believe that the ... video will be found on one of JAMES' mobile devices, and that it may provide evidence of drug trafficking and drug possession against JAMES and/or drug possession against Robert FORD," an investigator wrote, according to the Post.

Investigators also believe the phones may show evidence Rob Ford assaulted Lisi, but no charges have been filed since the warrants were issued June 9.

The troubled mayor has since dropped out of his bid for re-election as he battles a rare form of cancer.

Brother Doug Ford has since taken his place on the ballot.

Rob Ford Drops Out of Toronto Mayoral Race
Rob Ford Drops Out of Toronto Mayoral Race

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