Dog reunited with owner 2,700 miles away from home

Pa. Dog Reunited With Owners After Incredible Journey Across Country
Pa. Dog Reunited With Owners After Incredible Journey Across Country

Gidget sounds like kind of a cool, unique dog name, and the Jack Russell terrier behind the name did something pretty unique, too. She dog-hiked more than 2,700 miles from her home in Pennsylvania.

KPTV reports, "Gidget's owner has microchipped her so that the shelter was able to track down the owner who had reported her missing way back in April. The owner says she had no idea how Gidget made it to Oregon."

The only problem was ... Gidget's owner, who appeared on camera but didn't want to be identified by name, couldn't afford to have her dog flown back.

That's where PetLink, the manufacturer of that microchip, comes in. The company paid for Gidget's trip home! Although we have to say, the reunion wasn't quite what you'd expect.

Y'know ... like in the movies. Slow motion. Owner kneels down. Dog jumps into her arms. Face licking. By the dog, of course. None of that happened. Instead, the pup wanted to do a little more exploring.

So maybe Gidget didn't doggy hitchhike; she just sprinted her way there.

But Gidget isn't the only dog who has wandered far, far away from home.

Last year, Jasmine the dog disappeared from her Indiana home and was found 500 miles away in Georgia. And in 2012, a dog named Sara was found in Utah, 830 miles away from her home in Oregon. She had been missing for three years.

All three instances of long-lost dogs finding their way home involves a microchip. Pet owners: Not to tell you what to do ... but those aren't a bad idea.

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