Dog awaiting rescue watched over by manatee

Dog Awaiting Rescue Watched Over By A Manatee
Dog Awaiting Rescue Watched Over By A Manatee

There are many heartwarming stories of people helping dogs that have gotten themselves into precarious situations. Recently, a Florida pooch in need of assistance got a bit of aid from a rather unexpected source. Rescuers say that while the dog clung to a cement wall to keep from being swept away in a Tampa river, a manatee kept close watch over his safety. It's unknown how long the two were there, but authorities guess that the dog was the first to end up at the location. After that the manatee likely noticed a ruckus and went to check it out for curiosity's sake. Once it got there, it stuck around for as long as it was needed.

Said one of the officers on the scene, the manatee was probably "Keeping him company. I'm sure consoling him, telling him, 'It's going to be alright, it'ss going to be alright.' As soon as the dog was safely on dry land, his friend and guardian swam away. During the ordeal, the dog sustained numerous bug bites and had injured his paws trying to climb his way out of the river.

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