Patron leaves reported 7,143% tip for waitress after hearing of medical struggles

Struggling Bartender Receives $1,000 Tip On $14 Bill
Struggling Bartender Receives $1,000 Tip On $14 Bill


Quick math quiz ... how many times does 14 go into 1,000? A lot.

Chrisi Kemp works as a bartender in North Carolina. She says she was speechless when a generous customer left a $1,000 tip on a $14 tab on September 11.

She told KITV, "I was a little taken back. I went and got the owners immediately. I didn't know what to do."

And KSPR, "I'm still just speechless about some parts of it. I can't even believe and I think my bosses were shocked because they came out and are like, 'Are you sure you want to do this?'"

The patron reportedly heard she was struggling a bit because medical bills were piling up. Her 5-year-old daughter had been sick for several months because of an unusual allergy.

She posted a photo of the check on Instagram with a simple "Thank you" as the caption. That tip works out to about 7,143%.

And if you think this is an incredible act of kindness ...

Meet Benjamin Olewine and Melissa Mainier.

Mainier took out a hefty loan to pay for nursing school while working as a waitress at the Peachtree in Pennsylvania.

Olewine was a regular at the restaurant and when he heard about the mounting debt Mainier was getting into, he gave her a tip...worth her roughly $20,000 tuition payments.

Oh and the tab was just $3.45.

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